Fanta Fairtex (Fanta) — Director

I left home at 12 and headed to Fairtex where I began to train professionally. I grew from a child to a man and it was there at Fairtex where Mr. Wong took me in and taught me so much. What I am today, who I am today and what I believe is due greatly to him.

Thai people believe in respect and honor and tradition. Muay Thai evolved from hundreds of years of history in Thailand. It’s not just a sport, it defines what it means to be Thai. Respecting your opponent in and out of the ring, honoring your masters and parents and keeping with traditions are intrinsic to Muay Thai and the Thai people.

To become a fighter is knowing your strengths and understanding your power but not abusing it. I want to be able to teach my students Muay Thai to stay healthy, get fit, gain self-confidence, learn self-defense and fundamentally acquire the life lessons that  come along with Muay Thai.

What happens in my journey with Muay Thai, no one knows. But I am grateful for what I have been given.  I hope I can share what I know and what I have learned with any student who wants to learn. Muay Thai is my life, is what I know and is in my blood. 


Lunfa Fairtex (Daw)


Worawut Fairtex (UN)


Komtey Fairtex (NOY)


Dejbunjong Fairtex (LO)